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Catering an event with a food truck adds a uniqueness to your event. Plus, food trucks and their chefs specialize in a cuisine that they are passionate about and serve dishes that satisfy everyone’s taste buds

The advantage of catering an event using a food truck is that they can reach locations most kitchen cannot. Love the outdoors and want to host an event? Then hire a food truck to cater that particular event.

It’s true that some chefs who cater food from a food truck can serve up a five-star meal. In fact, many chefs during the recession continued their profession by buying a food truck. Ever watched the 2014 American comedy-drama chef?

Food truck catering in Roseville, for example, is one option to consider for your special event. Food trucks are increasingly popular in the greater Sacramento area, and food truck catering provides you with several key benefits that are not available with other types of catering.


A food truck can park in any area that you specify, and this is particularly helpful for those outdoor or even indoor events where space is limited, or where there is no access to a kitchen or cooking area.

Food trucks bring all the food supplies, accessories and even a kitchen with them. The food is prepared on the truck, or in our case, on our bus, and served from it as well, so it can be parked in any location where you desire.

Fresh Food Served Hot

Another benefit associated with using food trucks for your special event is that your guests will receive fresh hot food from the oven, or grill. While all catered food may taste amazing, most catered food is prepared ahead of time and kept warm which causes the food to dry. Bye, bye creamy sauce. Plus, pasta never does well after sitting for a long time.

With a food truck, the kitchen is in the truck, or bus in our case, and this means that the food served is made fresh!

A food truck does provide you with many benefits that other types of catering do not offer especially if your special event is held outdoors, and because of this, food truck catering might be the right choice for your event.

Relax and enjoy your special occasion and let SFG Food Truck do all the work.

We are located in Roseville, California and cater to the surrounding areas.

We’d love to fire up our wood-burning stove and cook you an amazing pizza, or any other type of food you desire to cater your special event.


Some of the questions we’ll need to know to cater your next event-

* Your name and contact information

* Location address of the event being held.

* Date and beginning and end time of the event.

* Catered event with a food truck or food delivery in containers?

* The number of people attending?

* Type of event being held. Wedding, birthday party, corporate event, etc.

* Do you have a per person budget?

* What are the Must-Have at your event?

* What are the Don’t Want, at your event?

* What type of food is to be served?

* Any additional rental equipment required?

* Any food allergies or food preferences?

* Amount of deposit and payment method.


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